Crystals are great to play with in DIY jewelry making because they are easy to work with, they look good no matter what you do with them and are way way cheaper than cut and faceted gemstones.

Crystals are enchanting and playful and some people even believe that they have healing powers or can channel your personal energy to make you feel more confidant, more powerful, or to draw love into your life.

citrineI used to have a citrine quartz pendant almost exactly like these ones from Rock Paradise. I swear it used to help me find lost things. I left it hanging on my bedpost the night before my husband and I moved to Nicaragua and if we ever return to the mountains and I get my necklace back, I’ll say I was lost and it brought me home.

Crystals can be glued to bracelet bangles and rings; they can be electroformed or macraméd or wire wrapped like in the citrine picture. I prefer to not have any of the crystal covered with anything so I’m sharing with you this tutorial from of three minimalist ways to turn any crystal or mineral into a necklace by gluing bails on it, a strap of leather, or a very clean wire wrap. Click their image below for instructions.