electroformed honeycombElectroforming is in my opinion one of the coolest diy jewelry projects to get into. It is basically a way to build metal around an object using an electroforming kit. The process is pretty “sciencey” and if your curious about what is actually happening I suggest you read the Wikipedia article about it.

This is an exampleelectroformed druzy of some of the cool stuff you can do with an electroforming kit. I found this electroformed piece of honeycomb pendant in the Etsy store Glow Beads and Baubles unfortunately the item is no longer available.

You can get a basic electroforming kit online for about $200. If you use it well you can turn around and sell some of the jewelry you make to cover your start-up costs.

You can electroform nearly any object and with several different types of metal. One of my favorite ways I have seen it used is to encase druzy pendants like these ones from the joydravecky etsy store.

If you’re ready to get started on your first project with your new kit, here is a fabulous tutorial for electroforming a crystal ring

copper ring instructable