Do you remember in grade school the first friendship bracelet you received? Do you remember learning the simple chevron pattern technique and turning out your own? gives this definition of friendship bracelets:

     A friendship bracelet is a handmade bracelet intended for a special person. A friendship bracelet is usually made of several strands of embroidery floss that have been knotted to form intricate patterns. People of all ages but particularly teens have made use of a macramé technique to create these bracelets for their friends. Because the technique is relatively simple, requires no special equipment and can be done with inexpensive materials, making and sharing friendship bracelets is something nearly everyone can do.

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What I particularly remember is that the giver ties it onto the wrist of the receiver so it can’t be taken off. Getting out of the shower with a soggy chaffing bracelet that won’t dry out was never fun for anyone, but the idea behind this simple nostalgic practice is so sweet. posted a fantastic tutorial for a beautiful, more grown up looking friendship bracelet. It involves wire wrapping a word and attaching the word to a chain or strap of leather. One that you can take off before you shower.

If there is a universal experience for every girl, it’s the making, gifting, and wearing a friendship bracelet.

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