If you’ve been spending much time jewelry crafting, you might have started thinking about how to turn your hobby into a business. Selling homemade jewelry can be surprisingly lucrative. Consumers are not buying the materials, they’re buying your creativity, your designs, and talent. If you’ve found a project or a design that you love making and that you find yourself constantly getting compliments on, it’s likely to sell really well.

To get started selling, think about places where you’ve seen other people selling their crafts. Is there a farmers market in your town? A flea market? An annual event or festival that comes to town? Do some homework. Most of these venues and events will have a website and some information on how sellers can get in touch and get set up. There will usually be a cost involved somewhere. Either a flat rate for the space, an annual fee for a permanent spot at a weekly market, or a percentage of sales for events that use tokens instead of cash. You will likely need to provide your own card table and shade canopy if using. Think about appealing ways to entice people to your booth and attractive ways to display your jewelry. You’ll be good at this, your already an artist. As blogger and craft fair expert Christin Sander says: “Your Display is More Important Than Your Products” She also made this helpful checklist.


If you’re interested in selling, thecraftbooth.com is Christi’s website and is a fantastic resource that you should definitely use.

Next article we will talk about how to sell your jewelry online! Happy planning!