There are a lot of benefits to having an online store as opposed to a booth at a fair. First off you don’t have to be there physically. People can peruse your products and make purchases even while your sleeping. Second, you don’t need to have as much inventory. A booth at a fair looks naked with just a few pieces but with an online store you can do custom orders so that you don’t need to be making things that you aren’t sure will sell. Just one image of each type of product will do.

What you will need to do is take flattering photos of your products to display in your online store. These can’t just be snapshots. You don’t need an elaborate setup or an expensive camera, a big bright window and an iPhone will do, but you do need to know what your doing. Shopify has some good tips on how to create product photos that will sell with nothing more than your smartphone camera and some household items.

Speaking of Shopify, you’ll also need to choose a place to sell your products. Etsy is probably the easiest and quickest way to get set up with an online store but it’s also saturated with other sellers who may be making and selling items very similar to yours. If you want to set yourself apart a little more Shopify will allow you to create a store on their platform that is totally branded to you. The downside is that you are responsible for driving all of your own traffic to your site. Read this wikihow article for more in depth advice on how to choose a marketplace, how to get paid, and how to be successful. For a guide on some of the best free shopify themes for selling products click the image below.