ribbon braceletI had a very simple wedding. Beautiful, elegant, but simple. I had no bridesmaids or flower girl and when I began considering how I would carry my husband’s ring down the aisle I got the idea to hang it from a ribbon around my neck. It would be my necklace until then.

I loved that idea, I love how it looked, and l love how sweet it was to carry a ring to my love around my neck, next to my heart. I have loved the incorporation of ribbon into jewelry ever since. Ribbons add texture and luxe and can turn a simple string of beads into something much more elegant, like these bracelets from alldaychic.com

ribbon necklaceWhen used in a necklace, the ribbon can be tied in a bow to create stunning asymmetrical detail like this necklace from Casa Moda.

The other wonderful thing about ribbon, is that it is very affordable, and it’s pretty enough to dress up something as plain and as cheap as washers from the hardware store. Isn’t this amazing? Wouldn’t you like to make one of your own? I thought you would. Here’s the method.washer necklace