layered wood beadsI have to say I am really loving the wooden bead trend right now. It’s all so soft and earthy and simple. And as a DIY jewelry project it does not get any easier. More bang for your buck. You can buy a $3 bag of wooden craft store beads and make gifts for your mom, your aunt, your sister, and yourself!

You can do a project with chunky wooden beads the length of the entire necklace and then layer them up in different sizes for this effect. (Image courtesy of Martha Stewart)

wood bead verticleBut I also really like this style I’ve been seeing of a long cord and the wooden beads hanging straight down.

The larger wooden beads also look really good with just a few strung on a fat ribbon with the bow tied just to one side of the beads.

The project I’m going to feature for you today though is a half strung necklace with the beads half “dipped” in gold paint. I personally think It would be fun to do some polka dots on the undipped part of one or three of the beads.                                                           Image from Le Voyage Creatif


This project is from the Little Birdie Secrets blog and the picture is the link. Have fun and get creative with the colors!

gold dipped wood