wire pendantWire working is one of the easiest ways to get started in making your own jewelry and with just a little bit of practice you can turn out simple but beautiful projects like this pendant from diyisfun.com

All you need to get started is some jewelry wire, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and a wire snipper. You’ll likely be able to find all 3 tools in a wire wrapping set packaged together. Your craft store will sell different gauges of jewelry wire in different metals. It’s important to note that not all metals work the same. Some are very soft and must be worked delicately because you can actually dent or crush the wire with your pliers. (Don’t ask me how I know)

If you’re trying this out for the first time I would recommend getting a sturdy but not brittle wire. See if you can bend it in the store before you buy it. If it feels soft it can be difficult to get it to hold its shape. If it’s too hard it will be difficult to manipulate and easier to accidentally break.

You can buy a project book that will show you the basics and get you used to your tools or you can jump right in and try your hand at these simple projects.

Wire-Wrapped-Heart-Bangle-2.3This adorable heart bangle from Happy Hour Projects is a perfect first piece to play with. It’s so dainty and delicate. Get the simple tutorial here.



Wire wrapping is also great for turning found objects like these vintage buttons into pendants for necklaces! Once you get the basic wrapping and loop down you can play with other objects too like shells and foreign coins. Get the craftsy tutorial here.

wire rocks

As a rock collector, this project particularly speaks to me. The lovely people at Boat People Boutique provide an illustrated step by step guide for turning your favorite beach day treasures into wearable art. Get the project here.


Have fun playing and let me know what other great wire wrapping projects you’ve discovered!